About Us

We are a small group of local programmers in Redondo Beach, California USA who were only focused on eCommerce. We found our clients wanted to manage content on their websites and we used various content management systems to do that or used client's blogger content.

We got tired of using other 3rd party CMS tools that dicated how we developed our websites or using some poorly supported RSS feed way of doing things. Jason, the founder, thought up of the initial idea in 2009 and the team then created KitGUI and has been using it and upgrading it ever since. We liked using it so much because it made CMS so easy and clients loved using it.

In September 2011 we decided to make it a business to see if others found it as cool as we do so we'll see how it goes.

We need your feedback so any suggestions you have or critisims help us. Please contact us if something is on your mind.