KitGUI Overview

KitGUI is a content management system but completely unique. KitGUI's CDN cloud-feed + HTML5 approach yields amazing productivity and scalability resulting in the features listed below.

  • Works with all server-side languages
  • Supports both traditional and MVC-based websites
  • Fully SEO compatible with SEO editing support
  • On-Page editing, HTML5 WYSIWYG
  • No framework to install or learn
  • 5-minute setup
  • Comes with a CDN to serve your static files and content
  • Content can be viewed, edited and shared across websites
  • Ability to edit content served through AJAX
  • Localizes seamlessly for serving multiple languages on your website
  • Your development is not dictated by KitGUI, rather you decide how KitGUI works for you


KitGUI does not have administration pages for you to manage your content. KitGUI merges the editing experience and your website together by design.

The Client-Side
KitGUI's editing experience is very straight forward for editors. An editor just needs to login directly on the website being edited and then select content regions that are highlighted to edit them. That's it. In order to achieve this, KitGUI requires you place a script reference at the bottom of the page going directly to the KitGUI CDN. For more information see Client-Side Javascript.

The Server-Side
On your server, you make an HTTP GET request to retreive content directly from our CDN. Any web programming technology can achieve this but we have some code to do this for you in various technologies. See the Quick Start section for your specific technology.