Extending KitGUI

We are currently working on our plugin model so you can add more content types and 3rd party vendors as well could potentially sell content plugins through KitGUI.

For the time being we are only offering the ability to customize the KitGUI Toolbar so that you can add buttons with their own label and URL. The button will open your website content within KitGUI's framed content window as an overlay. This works well in conjunction with the SSO feature if you want to, for example, let editors login through KitGUI and administer other aspects of your website outside of KitGUI's scope.

Within KitGUI, the editor experience is using the jQuery UI theme "Eggplant". If you use the examples shows in jQuery UI, your theme can mimick KitGUI's look and feel quite nicely.

View the Client-Side JavaScript page for more information how to customize the toolbar.