Localization with KitGUI

KitGUI enables CMS Accounts to perform the role of each region. You can integrate code that will switch between CMS Accounts based on the current region chosen within the website and have a single region to fallback on if content is not defined in a specific region. For example, since we are from Redondo Beach, California, we speak US English. We would naturally choose that region as the default fallback when content is not defined for Japan's Japanese for example.

The nice thing when switching between regions is your website code remains unchanged. You don't need to declare new content areas. Rather the approach we have used for our larger corporate clients is to simply switch between CMS Accounts so the script declaration at the bottom of the page changes based on region and the server-side URL pull changes based on region. That's really the core concept.

We have several code examples for you in the popular server-side technologies in how to implement this. Please choose your flavor on the left navigation.