Managing Users

KitGUI works on an invitation model only. Meaning you have to invite users via email address to be an editor on  your website. At the time of the invite you can decide if you wish to allow them to be a Administrator or an Editor.

Administrators can edit the website and can manage users. An Editor can only edit content.

You can manage users when using KitGUI directly on the website. On the KitGUI toolbar there is a button "settings" that when clicked will bring up the "Users" tab which you should select. Once selected you are given a list of CMS Accounts that you are managing. Select one to manage the CMS Account in terms of who can access your KitGUI CMS Account. This only displays for Administrators.

KitGUI Customers that own the CMS Account have a login at directly and can manage users there as well as the editing experience as Administrators do.