Page Variables

There are those more frequent than not occassions that come up where you wish to give your content editor the ability to modify some non-visual data such as "showPromotion=true" or "preferredShippingOption=UPS Ground". KitGUI supports this scenario quite well.

You can declare variables for a specific page that are just simple name-value pairs. The content editor is allowed to see those variables and edit them freely.

On the server-side, you can grab these name-value pairs similar to how you already get content itself. The only difference here is the entire name-value pair store is in a single document for the page being used.

This feature relies on a meta tag being declared on the page to uniquely identify the page. KitGUI client-side script looks for the existence of this meta tag and will enable the "variables" feature to be present as part of the bottom KitGUI toolbar.

The meta tag must be within the <head> tag of your HTML document and have the format as follows:

<meta name="kitgui-page-id" content="your page ID" />

Placing this also enables the "SEO" button to show up because now its possible to uniquely identify the page.

View the server-side documentation for your flavor of code.