Editor Roles

KitGUI works a little different when it comes to roles. There are only two roles. You can either be an Administrator or an Editor. An editor can only edit but an Administrator can edit and moderate who is allowed in and out of the CMS Account.

How can I have specific editors work on specific parts of the site then?

KitGUI CMS Accounts are the answer. Users within KitGUI are global meaning they can be used across all of KItGUI. Its just a matter of what CMS Accounts they are assigned to. Also, you may have different KItGUI Accounts on different parts of your website. You can only have a single CMS Account declared per web page but this allows you to assign some uses to one CMS Account and assign some other users to another CMS Account which gives you group privileges in that sense.

You can also work across websites since CMS Accounts are not particular to where they are being used. For example, you could use a single CMS Account for your group of 5 websites in your organization. Its quite flexible this way.