White-Labeling KitGUI

This sounds more fancy than what it is at the moment. Currently, KitGUI allows you to only modify the tab graphic that appears from the client-side script to login. You can see more details of this in the Client-Side JavaScript section near the bottom of the page to set your own image.

Here is how we defined the tab image as a PNG sprite:

The sprite is 65x45 pixels and is divided into 3 equal parts. Each part represents a UI State. The top most represents the "open" state. The middle represents the "opening" state. The bottom represents the "off" state. If you create exactly the same dimensions and in 3 parts using a PNG for pretty alpha-transparency effects, this will work like a charm for you.

We are considering adding more white-labeling into KitGUI. Please make your voice heard if you feel strongly about this feature and let us know specifics on what you would like.