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$999 Monthly
2GB 6GB 12GB 60GB
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5 21 48 300
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Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. KitGUI is a month-to-month service where you have a month of usage and are billed automatically on the last day of that billing period. If you cancel prior to the last day of the billing period, you will not be billed.

Is there a free trial?

Yes. You can cancel before the 30 days and you will not be billed.

How many websites can I use per CMS Account?

KitGUI is very different in that you can use a single CMS Account across as many websites as you like. There are no restrictions in that regard. Note however users added to a CMS Account have capability to edit any website using it.

Can I Uprade or Downgrade whenever I need to?

Yes. You are able to do this within your customer account page.

What is the number of users about?

This is about the number of unique users you can have associated with your CMS Accounts combined, meaning we don't count the same user twice. Users themselves are independant of your CMS Accounts and work across all of KitGUI.

What are CMS Accounts about?

A CMS Account is a grouping of users and storage. The CMS Account can be used on mulitple websites. There are no restrictions on that.